The decision to commission anything is very personal, especially a bridal or occasion piece, it says so much about the client as they have so much direct input into the finished article. The commissioning of a maracujá piece is the start of quite a journey.

The client first comes with ideas of shape, size, colour and materials, and of course – the outfit. A first impression mock up is pinned together and later, in close consultation a basic concept is agreed upon. With input from both the client and designer over several consultations, this may change drastically, slightly or not at all. Then feathers are dyed, materials cut and sewn and a final, exquisite piece is hand made.

  • From first consultation to delivery can be as little as 4 weeks, depending on the time of year, but 6 weeks plus notice is preferred.

  • Feathers can be dyed to perfectly suit an outfit or match accessories.

  • maracujá pieces are easy and comfortable to wear all day long and well on into the night, and most can be secured on a comb or a band.

  • Email Chris to outline your ideas.